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NOTICE: The Indulux Doman is expiring soon... Since we have suspended operations due to the Covid19 pandemic, we will not be re-opening.  Thanks for your interest and support

 Innovative Illumination and Green Technologies

   InduLux Technologies brings years of experience working with, and innovating, Lighting technologies to our clients.  We provide R&D, consulting, product design, and Intellectual Property services primarily to manufacturers and distributors of lighting systems and equipment around the world, with a special emphasis on LED plant/grow/hydroponics lighting.
   We are presently engaged in R&D to create real full spectrum LED grow lights with the closest possible match to the McCree curve (plants light absorption curves).  So far, we have achieved up to a 95% match, and routinely offer 90% match to the McCree curve lights to our clients..

We license product technology to a number of companies, particularly those in the LED horticultural lighting industry.

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EconoLux Logo InduLux Technologies licenses designs and literature to EconoLux Industries Ltd., who are now making the world's most advanced, energy saving, LED grow/plant lights with a close match to the McCree curve.  Some of our staff are also working with EconoLux to bring more technologically enhanced LED lighting products to market.


We provide consulting on Lighting technology, marketing consulting, product design services, contract R&D, technical and applications support, interface with Chinese suppliers (including English/Chinese/English translation), CAD drawings and 3D computer modeling services to manufacturers and distributors of LED lighting and related products. 

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We have a number of Induction Lighting publications available here on-line.  We also customize, personalize, and license our copyrighted literature and technical support bulletins to our clients.

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For those unfamiliar with some types of Lighting Technology, or the many energy savings and environmental benefits of lamps/lighting, please visit our Library section. Here you can find a number of papers on induction lighting (an older technology) in PDF format.   

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If you are entering the lighting market, we can provide consulting services and license technology and designs that will have you up-and-running rapidly to reach profitability.

If we can be of assistance to you, please don't hesitate to contact us.

InduLux Technologies
Blyth, Ontario, Canada



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