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We provide consulting on technology, business issues, product design services, contract R&D, technical support, interface with Chinese suppliers (including English/Chinese/English translation), literature and web site design, CAD drawings and 3D computer modeling services to manufacturers and distributors of induction lighting and other 'green' products.
Technology Consulting
We can assist you with the design and layout of installations, lamp and fixture selection, wiring and electrical considerations, and other issues to make your lighting company a success.  We also provide business and marketing consulting services to manufacturers and distributors of various lighting products.
Technical Support
We provide technical support for lighting applications, installation troubleshooting, lamp and fixture testing, drawings for custom mountings and problem solving for you and your customers.
Product Design
We have extensive experience in the design of lighting products and fixtures especially tailored to the needs of the industry. Our designs are optimized for maximum light output, correct thermal management, lamp stability and durability. We can assist you with customized designs, or license you one of our existing lighting fixture designs.
Contract R&D
Do you have an idea for a lighting product but not sure how to solve the technical issues?  We can provide contract R&D services to bring your product to life.
China Interface
We can assist you with locating lighting, and fixture suppliers in China and communicating with them for marketing and technical issues.  We can also provide English/Chinese/ English translations for brochures, catalogues and technical papers and reports.  We can travel to China with you, arrange internal travel and accommodations, introduce you to suppliers and provide technical translation at meetings as we have a native mandarin speaking engineer on staff.  We have provided these services for clients in Canada, the EU, and Mexico.
If we can assist you with services to improve your lamp and fixture marketing, technical support, business and profitability, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

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